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Cadence dspf file


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SBPF -- Synopsys Binary Parasitic Format SPF is a Cadence Design Systems standard for defining netlist parasitics. DSPF and RSPF are the two forms of SPF; the term SPF itself is sometimes used (or misused) to represent parasitics in general. DSPF and RSPF both represent parasitic information as an RC network.

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do not concern yourself with the things of this world Supported Formats f DSPF netlist (Quantus and third-party extractors are supported) f Spectre and SPICE netlist formats f Spectre, SPICE, and PSpice® models f Verilog-A 2.0 LRM-compliant behavioral models and structural netlists f S-parameter data files in Touchstone, CITI-file, and Spectre formats.

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Doing it this way includes the file using the "dspf_include" construct in spectre, and the default behaviour is to use the port information from the subckt definition and map it to the pins of the DSPF - so this means you don't need to worry about port ordering (none of that messing around with CDF termOrder).

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Certified for advanced-node processes at other leading foundries worldwide. The Cadence ® Quantus ™ Extraction Solution is the industry's most trusted signoff parasitic extraction tool, and is a leader in 3nm design adoptions and tapeouts. As a single, unified tool, the Quantus solution supports both cell-level and transistor-level.

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